ADILITHE® 400 , high temperature resistance above 160°C

- Hardenesses : 92A ( +/- 2 A)
- Excellent
resistance to high temperatures up to 160°C...
- Good resistance to hydrolysis and fluids (oil, coolant liquid.)
· Very low compression set
- Excellent aging resistance

PACKAGING : in Drum or in finished part Tube springs- Dimensions on request


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Technicals Data Sheets

Materials Safety Data Sheets

Resistance to hydrolysis and fluids: Swelling on 24H

Resistance to fluids ADILITHE ® 400 / EPDM

Compression set 25%

Very low compression set espacially with

ADILITHE® 400 - 92 shore A

Compression set 24H-150°C- VITON 90A =15%

Aging in Air

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