REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Assessment of Chemical Regulations ) is one of the most importants in Europe. This European regulations which concerns chemicals products, must replace a large number of existing directives and regulations developed by the past. It entered into force on 1 June 2007.

The European regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) requires, amongst other requirements, the registration followed by an evaluation process of all the substances manufactured, or imported within the EU in amounts higher than
a ton per year, per manufacturer or importer. This registration process should be extended until 2018 and was preceded by a pre-registration phase which ended on 1 December 2008. .

According to REACH, our company is considered an “a downstream user” of chemical substances. We are working on the subject in close collaboration with our suppliers of raw materials which allow us now to guarantee that all the substances used by Mérylithe in the whole of its products have been pre-registered.

This cooperation with our suppliers continues in order to be sure that the substances we are using will be included in the registration and to guarantee the availability of the raw materials needed for products we provide.

The ECHA (European CHemicals Agency) has published a list of substances called "Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHC ); these substances are CMR, PBT or vPvB . And they could be included in the annex XIV of the REACH Regulation.
This annex will list the substances that can neither longer be placed on the market nor used by the company if they have not received prior an authorization from the European Commission.

If this list forces neither placing on the market nor use of these substances, however, it triggers immediate obligations of communication and information of providers of chemical substances, preparations and articles to their customers.

We can confirm that none of these substances (CMR, PBT ou vPvB) are used in all our formulations.

In case you want more information, we are at your disposal and we invite you to contact us.

For your information, Mérylithe considers Health, Safety and Environment as primoridaux factors, which is why we have always chosen to develop formulations :
- with very low levels of free isocyanate
- Low free &low monomer TDI and Low free PPDI
- without SOLVENT
- without TOXIC PRODUCT.


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