MERYLITHE is one of european leading in the formulation and manufacturing of high performance polyurethane systems.

Established in 2002 Mérylithe meets the needs of improvement of polyurethane systems used by its customers for 40 years.

We develops formulations tailored to your needs. Highly focused on research and development, Mérylithe has a research laboratory with many analysis devices and works closely with INSA of Lyon and CNRS.We work also in partnership with DKSH ,one of the global leader in providing products for the polyurethane formulation.


High performance elastomer systems: Hardness range: 30 shore A to 75 shore D
- Mono or two component systems with superior mechanical and dynamic properties to Vulkollan®, Adiprene or Viton®.
- Formulations : "low FREE Isocyanate" prepolymers and polyurethane at very low levels of free isocyanate. < 0,1% based on PPDI and TDI and "low monomer Isocyanate" prepolymers based on - - - TDI with a level of free isocyanate betwwen 0,1 and. < 1%.
- Formulations based on MDI - PTMEG, PPG and POLYESTER.
- Formulations without CMR Product , without TOXIC product like MBOCA and without SOLVENT

Our formulations ADILITHE® and ISOLITHE® have been developed in accordance with the customers specifications to meet their needs in terms of :
- Technical Process
- Process : viscosity, pot life ,demoulding time,number of components
- Mechanical properties : hardness, abrasion, compression set and resilience
- Chemicals properties:resistance to solvents and UV
- Acoustic adn barriers properties.
Casting ( Hot or Cold), Extrusion / RIM ,compression , Batch....



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Technicals Data sheets

Materials Safety Data Sheets


  • Tailor made formulations according to specifications
  • Improvement of formulation
  • Alternative solution to market


  • No CMR product
  • No toxic product
  • Non-mercury catalyst
  • No MBOCA


  • Low free TDI
  • Low Free PPDI
  • Hight t°c
  • MDI system


  • Hot casting
  • Cold casting
  • Compression
  • Batch

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