ISOLITHE® 100 - Formulation for CLIMBING HOLDS ....

The climbing hold market is evolving over the last few years; indeed polyurethane climbing holds begin to be more present in the market due to their advantages compared to polyester resin.

Mérylithe has a talent for developing innovative PUR formulations and high-performance polymer formulation and has decided to enter in climbing hold market and can propose today a system called "ISOLITHE® 100" easy to handle  which allows the producer to use  silicone moulds to cast climbing hold with different shapes and designs as the hollow back climbing holds.

ISOLITHE® 100 is a two-component polyurethane system - liquid at room temperature. Due to its low viscosity and mixing ratios, volume 100/100, this system is very easy to process, manually or by machine. This system can be cast by everybody and doesn’t require  special training. Without degassing, possibility to get parts with a hardness of 75 shore D without bubble and system easily colourable with our pigments.

We can supply also silicone to cast the climbing holds; our silicone product is called ESSILITHE 100.

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