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Thermosetting or thermoplastic, Polyurethanes have been more present in recent years in the industrial sector and replace increasingly rubber and plastics, thanks theirs excellent chemical and mechanical properties.Most polyurethanes are produced by reacting an alcohol (polyether or polyester) or of an amine with an isocyanate.

To its how-know, Mérylithe has capacity to produce :
- Thermosetting polyurethane: Materials which harden gradually under the action of heat to reach a solid state irreversible. These materials can not be recycled.In our range : ADILITHE® LF 100 series , ADILITHE® LF 200 series , ADILITHE® 400, ADILITHE® 300,ISOLITHE® 100 and 300 .

The system obtained consists of soft segments and rigid segments and includes free isocyanates NCO-R-OCN; and it's those free isocyanates which according to their contents determine the rate of toxicity of prepolymers.To solve this problem, we find on the market prepolymers called "free ISO" obtained by eliminating by sublimation the free isocyanates resulting from the synthesis.

Mérylithe has developed another process allowing it to synthesize its own "low FREE Isocyanate" prepolymers as weel as polyurethanes and Polyureas at very low levels of free isocyanate.

Compared to low free prepolymers on the market, our prepolymers ( serie Adilithe® LF) have physical and mechanical characteristics at least equivalent or higher in terms of elongation properties up to 2000%, excellent dynamic resistance, long pot life, low viscosity even for rates of low NCO ...

Our production facility which carries out the formulations synthesis has several equipment and machines which allow it to adapt to the application and to the quantities desired by the client.
- Batches of 1,2 Tonns
- Small reactors
- Cold Room
- Ovens
- mixing and dispersion tools

The main part in manufacture of the systems lies not only in the precision of proportioning but also in the control of each component entering a formulation. We have contacted in this regard our various suppliers of raw materials so that our products are registered in accordance with REACH program.
And in a preoccupation with quality, production makes at each receipt of raw materials an analysis to ensure that the product is delivered corresponds to our requirements.

Our prepolymers are then packaged in drums of 200 kg.( Other packagings are available on request ). For each prepolymer delivery, we provide an analysis certificate in order to be in agreement with our quality system.


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